2. Morning Dew
  3. Afternoon Delight
  4. Dusk til Dawn
  5. Eyeshadow/Brow Duo
  6. 1-on-1 Makeup Lesson
  7. Lash Supply + Application
  8. Bridal Hair
  9. Bridal Makeup
  11. Bridesmaid Hair
  12. Bridesmaid Makeup
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Client Testimonials

"The best form of a compliment is a referral through word of mouth!"

  1. The salon is a bright, clean space with sweet sparkling vibes!! It’s obvious that their first priority is inspiring your most beautiful self and they all are dedicated to furthering their skill set, reach, level of expertise, and overall ability to do so. Mandy and Lauren have a great balance of being professional and providing a FUN atmosphere.
    Emily W.
  2. I had SUCH an amazing experience at Shear Thairapy! These girls are fantastic! I came in for my appointment and they made me feel so welcomed. The environment is always positive and the girls never fail to make you laugh. Mandy did such an amazing job on my hair! It turned out even better than I imagined.
    Apryl C.
  3. I have been going to Mandy for 6 years! I so look forward to going into Shear Thairapy. The conversation is always fun and you leave feeling great! If you are looking for someone who will listen to what you want AND EXECUTE. Shear Thairapy is for you!!
    Susan M.
  4. Mandy is so good at what she does and always does a great job on my balayage and cut. She’s also fun to chat with and makes the whole experience easy and pleasant. I also appreciate how easy they make booking an appointment. I’ll continue to be a repeat customer. Thanks Mandy!
    Nicole L.
  5. I love the gals here! Lauren is always on top of scheduling and making each visit so smooth. Mandy is an amazing stylist, colorist and makeup artist, you can’t go wrong! You are always in for fun conversation and lots of laughs while the ladies make you look amazing. Time to book my next appointment!
    Connie G.
  6. Mandy is by far the best! My hair is always on point when I leave, always satisfied and feeling beautiful whether it's just a haircut or a color change! Mandy gives you the color you want and makes sure it's done properly so it won't be damaged. You won't be disappointed, I'm sure!
    Jamie R.
  7. I’ve been going to Mandy for several years and always thrilled when I walk out the door! From just a quick haircut and blowout to complete color and highlights, she listens to you, and, if you have no idea but ready for a change, she can work her magic!!! 💗 To top it all off, Lauren and Rachel are amazing!!!... So much fun 😊 The absolute perfect place to get pampered ❤️
    Beverly B.
  8. Y’all, I’m obsessed with my Rose gold highlights 😍 🤩 Mandy did an excellent job cutting and coloring my hair. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this salon. Everything from the atmosphere to the quality of work is on point, at all times.
    Jessica B.
  9. Staff is awesome! The girls are a pleasure to be around. When I’m here it feels like I have known them my whole life. The environment is fun, bubbly and full of laughter. You won’t find a better salon full of better ladies.
    Victoria K.
  10. I absolutely LOVE Shear Thairapy Salon! I’m from Chicago and had a hard time finding a new salon. I was actually traveling back to get my hair done at a high end salon...until I found Shear Thairapy! Mandy does gorgeous work that brings my hair to life with rich colors, and beautiful face framing and layers. She and Lauren are so friendly and funny you feel like you are coming to visit your good friends, not just getting a haircut.
    Caitlin C.
  11. Mandy was wonderful! I love that she has had experience cutting curly hair because that it something that has been missing in my life! Can’t wait for my color appointment next week. :)
    Katy R.
  12. These ladies are the best! From wedding hair to just a trim, they can do it all!
    Nicole L.
  13. Mandy is awesome! No, all the ladies are awesome!!! You feel like you are with friends and family! They do great work and I highly recommend them!!
    Michelle L.
  14. I loved the attention I got during my color and cut. My color came out great and I've received many compliments on it. The cut is the best I've had in a long time, normally I have a drop off in the back because of my curls, but not so with Mandy. However, my favorite part was the blowout, it was awesome!
    Shawna B.
  15. I was immediately attracted to the energy of this place because of the description and images (I’m a positive vibe only kinda gal), but how quickly the owner responded to my inquiry was only outdone by how engaging she was, and it was this that sealed the deal. I truly can’t recall any other time I felt so welcome just by chat...and that energy of course transcended by the visit. Great group here - it’s not just lip service, they’re as positive, engaging, and lovely in person as online. I just got a beautiful haircut today but coming back for another appt next week. Mandy (the hair wizard) knows exactly what she’s doing...I can’t wait to get my color next week (I’ll share pics then, not ready yet).
    Susan G.
  16. What a great little salon!! Very skilled and experienced stylist! I went with the upper tier and was more than delighted with Mandy's talent!! They now offer an AMAZING airbrush tan experience that is so much better than a spray tan booth. Do yourself a true beauty service and book with this salon!
    Carrie M.
  17. If you're looking to cheat on your current stylist and try someone new - I would highly, did I say highly? recommend Shear Thairapy! This salon has put together an amazing team of stylists coupled with an inviting and fun atmosphere. Mandy-what can I say? I love you. I love Lauren. I love us and the time we spend together while you're making me look my best.
    Kris H.
  18. I can't say enough about the salon. Shear Thairapy is the place you wanna be just to hang out, let alone get your hair done right!! Mandy nailed my cut and color!!! It's hard to get my laundry done when I can't stop looking in the mirror!! I even stayed over after my appointment to chitchat with the girls. It's like hanging out with your best friends. Not only do they do hair at Shear Thairapy they do life!!
    Deborah F.
  19. I've been with Mandy for over 4 1/2 years. She is very talented, professional and she takes the time to really understand my wants for my hair color, cut and style. I see Mandy regularly and she's always in a great mood and happy to see me. I love that Mandy is always running on time and doesn't schedule her bookings too short time wise. Last but not least - Mandy can do a beautiful up-do!!
    Michele S.
  20. This is the best salon ever! I love how personable everyone is. They will let you vent and give you advice, as well as make your hair exactly as you wanted, if not better! It is so worth coming here!
    Ashley G.
  21. These girls are something special. The work they do is top notch, the vibe of the salon is so welcoming... all around amazing experience.
    Madison E.
  22. Mandy tackled and navigated her way around my grandson’s cowlicks like a geographical explorer. Great cut, tender care. And conversation- on his level!
    Lori H.
  23. Love love love! Mandy knows what she’s doing - best hair dresser ever!! My haircut was amazing - as usual!! Couldn’t be happier - hair feels light and love the shape!
    Ezri F.
  24. Mandy and everyone was very nice and friendly. I had an allergic reaction to something and they were so nice and got water and tissues for me. Really love my haircut. Will go to again!
    Amber C.
  25. Wanted a cut, needed the THAIRAPY!
    Lori G.
  26. Wow!! Exceeded my expectations by a billion!!! So happy!!! Perfect cut! Just what I wanted!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it ❤️ Makes my day just to spend time with these ladies! They are full of sunshine!!!
    Diana A.
  27. Love the cut! And y’all are all so sweet and fun. Loved my time there this morning.
    Emily F.
  28. Everyone did an amazing job! I love my balayage and make up and they we’re absolutely fun to talk to while I got it done! I’ll be back! Telling my friends about this place!!
    Keli J.
  29. Mandy curled my hair! She is incredibe with hair. She teamed up with Lauren and both worked on me together, which saved me time before my photoshoot. Lauren did the most fantastic lashes and lip and full face makeup! Appointment was amazing! Going back soon!
    Rajni C.
  30. Jack loves his hair and the way you all make him feel so comfortable while we are there. Thank you Shear Thairapy!
    Keri B.
  31. Mandy is a GENIUS. The color came out better than I could have imagined! And my style was STUNNING!
    Casey B.
  32. Mandy did an amazing job creating the bridal look I wanted. I had so much fun and loved the salon. I highly recommend Shear Thairapy!!
    Chasity W.
  33. The best cut I have had in years! It turned out better than I could have anticipated. And the staff is wonderful, approachable, and hilarious. An amazing experience all around.
    Liz G.